Sprouting With No Daily Rinsing?

Learn a simple, extremely low cost, yet revolutionary method of growing sprouts with no daily rinsing!

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Sprouts are an incredible superfood, offering amazing health benefits to those who include them in their diet. You don’t need to pay expensive prices in the stores for your sprouts or need expensive equipment, you just need the right method! Many people do not have time to rinse their sprouts daily and using traditional methods, you risk losing the whole batch if just one rinse is missed and the automatic sprouters are both expensive and difficult to clean.

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SeThInk Media is proud to present the  Seeds of Sustainability Education Series Vol. I: The Marche Sprouting Method & Living Oils  DVD where the two core concepts teach:

I.  Sustainable ‘No Rinse’ Sprouting
II.  Living Oils

The core teachings of the method are just the beginning.  All Seeds of Sustainability customers are invited to join the free private online community where you will be able to connect with others who are learning these methods for the first time and work together to experiment and refine these methods to fit your own situation.

You will also have access to additional video content about sprouted foods, raw foods, living oils, and other amazing methods of extracting the highest nutrients from the foods we love. 

We are so excited to reveal these techniques, knowing they will make life simpler for those people who choose to boost their health with the amazing nutrition of sprouted foods and to remove the frustrations associated with conventional sprouting methods.

In the process, all of DVD purchases have made it possible to gift the Seeds of Sustainability DVD to developing EcoVillages and sustainable communities all over the world as well as the development, sponsoring, and management of sustainability projects like:

Global EcoVillage & Sustainable Community Network

Transition California Network

Earth Charter Community Network

Planet Earth Scouts


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