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The automatic sprouter is often viewed as the top level system for serious sprouters. They are designed to provide some sort of rinsing or misting device to eliminate the needs for daily rinsing. This is a considerable benefit, as you don’t want the powerful health benefits of eating sprouts to be overshadowed by a process that requires time consuming daily attention or the chance of losing a batch just before it is ready!

Benefits of the Automatic Sprouter

  • No daily rinsing! :)
  • Usually incorporate a good drainage system
  • Less chance of mold growth and spoiled sprouts due to poor drainage
  • Can be designed to allow a greater volume of sprouts to be grown
  • Can speed up the sprouting process by the more consistent presence of water

Drawbacks of Automatic Sprouters

  • Expensive to purchase
  • Can be complex and fiddly to assemble
  • Require thorough cleaning of all internal components between batches
  • Uses excessive amounts of water
  • Must be located near a sink for drainage or have a large bucket for rinsing water to drain in to
  • Units that recycle the water for repeated rinses are prone to bacteria and mold growth

So are automatic sprouters the ultimate system for growing sprouts? We don’t believe so, particularly for the commercial automatic sprouters you can buy today. They do produce good results but cleaning is excessive still and they are quite expensive to buy. There is another automatic sprouter or method…. It offers:

  • No daily rinsing of sprouts
  • No time consuming cleaning between batches
  • No complicated components
  • Very low set-up cost
  • The ability to grow large amounts of sprouts
  • Sprouts that last much longer due to their sprouting method

Sound good? You can see what we feel is the ultimate sprouter. You may think we are biased but believe us, we have tried every type of sprouter and the Marche Sprouting Method will revolutionize the way sprouted foods are grown right around the world.

Happy sprouting!

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