Is this the Ultimate Sprouter alternative?

Growing Sprouts with No Daily Rinsing and Making Living Oils from Nuts!

Have you always wanted to grow your own sprouts but never had time to rinse them 2-3 times a day?

What if you knew a simple, low cost method for growing sprouts, that used very little space, time, water, energy and effort and required no daily rinsing!

Now would you consider growing your own sprouts to enjoy the amazing health benefits they offer you?

SeThInk Media is proud to present the first edition of the Seeds of Sustainability Program – The Marche Sprouting Method & Living Oils DVD.

I love growing sprouts but not the daily rinsing. Please teach me this method!


This first educational DVD course reveals and teaches the revolutionary discoveries from 20 years of research, experimentation, and refining of natural processes by Master Sprout Alchemist, Robin Marche.

Robin is the author of the Seeds of Sustainability program and his profound discoveries involve the fast production of large amounts of food, with very little water and little or no rinsing.

Developments in food production today generally involve artificial methods like synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, and genetic modification to produce better results, at the expense of nutrition and the environment, not to mention the health related side effects………….. So it is not often that a revolutionary, natural, safe and effective method is developed that can produce great results with reduced effort, time and resources.

In the first part of the Seeds of Sustainability DVD, Robin teaches you the amazing new Marche Method for sprouting beans, grains, and legumes.

The Marche Method allows you to grow sprouted foods requiring:

  • NO rinsing two to three times a day like traditional methods.
  • Very low set-up costs, just a little over the cost of the seed.
  • The ability to grow as little or as much fresh vegetable as you want in just 72 hours.
  • Very little water, space, time or energy.
  • And did we mention NO rinsing!

Learn the Marche Method and you will be able to set it up, walk away and come back 72 hours later to an abundance of fresh, living, nutritious and delicious sprouted foods!

The technique uses a simple yet highly effective method for regulating the moisture content, therefore eliminating the need for daily rinsing. No longer will you have to nurse your sprouts, only to have to throw them away when they spoil after missing a rinse…

Other sprouter devices out there are prone to a build up of mold and require thorough washing between batches of sprouts. We need convenience to keep up with today’s fast paced lifestyles, not more washing or rinsing!

On top of all of these amazing benefits, the foods you sprout using this method will also last 10, 20, even 30 times longer than sprouts grown using traditional methods!

So who is this DVD suitable for? The answer is simple – ANYONE! You may already:

  • Grow your own sprouts using time consuming traditional methods.
  • Buy your sprouts at a substantial cost, where you have no idea how they were produced.
  • Like to eat sprouts but have not had the time or patience to grow your own.
  • Like to supplement your diet with healthy, nutritious foods.
  • Be living in hot arid environments with little water available.

You could even grow fresh sprouted seeds and grains on a boat!

Most people these days know about the health benefits of eating sprouts like the potent vitamins, proteins, minerals, antioxidants, and enzymes, all delivered to the body in a way that is more easily digested than their non-sprouted counterparts. Coupled with the techniques for growing sprouts revealed in the Seeds of Sustainability DVD, you will be equipped with powerful, practical knowledge to enhance your health through adding ‘living’ foods to your diet.

The second half of the DVD explains very simply the method of activating nuts for their beautiful, digestible, alkaline balanced oils, rich with digestive enzymes. You can either simply soak and dry back your nuts to revitalize them or you can go into another step in the process and make amazing live oils, unavailable anywhere in the world (as far as we know of anyway!)

These oils are the highest quality, non-acidic fats you can get from any food, and can be used to make butters, milks, cheeses, ice creams and any other dairy alternative you can think of.

You will discover:

  • The secret of germinated nuts
  • How to make the highest quality healing fats and oils on the planet!
  • The simple process we use to extract the living oils from seeds and nuts

Free bonus #1

Included in your purchase price is a complimentary DVD companion ebook! The contents include a summary of the processes shown in the DVD, including diagrams, charts and tables to provide supplementary information to help you on your way to success!

Free Bonus#2

For a limited time, we are also offering 3 months free access to our private community network. We are ecstatic to announce that access to the Community Network forums is now completely FREE to all customers who purchase the DVD in either format! These forums are a place to meet like minded people, share experiences, ask questions (and get answers!) and get access to fresh new video content from Robin and more!

So how much does it cost to learn this lifelong technique?

First we want to share our mission to:

  • Share Robin’s amazing discoveries and educate as many people around the world as possible
  • Donate a generous portion of every DVD sold to the non-profit Greenfire Foundation to fund sustainable communities and EcoVillages

We are offering the DVD in two formats:

1.  A digital download product that is available to you instantly for a special launch price of $47 $37!

The secure digital download links are sent to you instantly. We trust and use secure payment via Paypal and you do not need a Paypal account to make a purchase, just a credit card (see below for more details).

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2.  A professionally produced physical DVD that is sent directly to your door for a special launch price of $57 $47! CLICK HERE NOW!

To purchase a professionally produced hard copy of the DVD, CLICK HERE NOW! You will be taken to our secure order page. We trust and use secure payment via Paypal and you do not need a Paypal account to make a purchase, just a credit card (see below for more details).

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You will be transferred to a Paypal page similar to the image below. You can either log in or just click the ‘Continue’ button to use a credit card.

Your peace of mind is important to us so you can buy with confidence!

We are very proud to share the Seeds of Sustainability DVD and offer it knowing that people will see great value in the information it contains that can benefit their health and well being. In the unlikely event that you are not completely satisfied with the value of the information provided, we will be offering a 100% money back guarantee on your purchase. We will ask for some feedback to ensure we can make this the best offering we possibly can and then we will refund your money! There really is no risk in making a purchase as our number one aim is your satisfaction!

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